International World Cup 11th - 14th Jan 2019

The 11-a-side tournament in general


International Winter Footballcup


This tournament will take place on outdoor pitches at the Groene Huevels bungalow resort located in the Dutch province of Gelderland close to Nijmegen and Arnhem.

This winter tournament its for U19 and men and woman seniors teams.

It is a tournament full of sportsmanship, friendship, new encounters and one can make new contacts all over the world.  

I hope everyone will have a great weekend and especially a great tournament. A time where friendship, sportsmanship and collegiality are the most important things.

All of your matches will be organized in a carefully programmed timed period.
Every team will have one day off enabling them to enjoy some free time to explore the region  with his teams and family members.

The football installations are perfect for the calibre of International teams that will be participating. Ample dressing rooms, toilet facilities, pitches and a warm and welcoming cafe/bar add to the high quality and professionalism of these tournaments.

Opening Ceremony
Opening Party
Every day Party with live music
Theme Party
Closing Ceremony
Final Party


The football teams from the Netherlands and abroad will compete for the championship cup in three various categories. The teams play 11 on 11 in these categories:

• Men’s Tournament (17+)
• Women’s Tournament (17+)
• Men’s Tournament (35+)

The Men’s Tournament (17+) is divided into 2 classes:
• 1st teams/selection teams (top football)
• lower level (recreational/lower teams).

- Games will be played on artificial grass.

Teams that played at this tournament where coming from Belgium Algeria Finland Slovakia Czech Republic, Germany and Holland.

During the tournament, KNVB rules will apply and the games will be judged by KNVB referees. The tournament will be played over a period of three days. Your team will play in the group phase on Friday and/or Saturday. The knock-out rounds and finales will take place on Sunday.

It will be taken into account whether Saturday clubs would prefer not to play on Sunday.

The tournament will be played on the fields of various football associations in the nearby area of the accommodation

In this tournament, the aim is to pit your team against opponents of similar levels.

You can also do other things outside the tournament, for example Pantball and laser gaming.

Registration fees  €185 per team.

Who can participate: Amateur teams, friendly teams,

Accammodation Holiday Parc 4 / 6 / 8 / 12 person **** bungalows

4 days /3 nights with breakfast dinner and enter to all the party's

Living room
2/4/6 bedrooms
a fully equipped kitchen
gas stove
microwave oven
coffee machine
flat-screen television
DVD and CD player
Wi-Fi is available.


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