Bremen Girls Cup 7th - 9th June 2019

Bremen Girls Cup 7th - 9th June 2019

The Bremen Girls Cup is played in Bremen.

Bremen is a city in northern Germany that, together with Bremerhaven, forms the Free State of Bremen. The city has 551,767 inhabitants, making it the tenth city in the country

Played on TSV Osterholz-Tenever, with about 5 fields.

Participating with Ca 100 teams from different countries Germany, Denmark, Poland, UK and Holland.

This tournament will be held for the 6th time at Pentecost

GU11 born in 2008 and later (7 v 7)
GU13 born in 2006 and later (7 v 7)
GU15 born in 2004 and later (7 v 7)
GU17 born in 2002 and later (7 v 7)

Competitions are played on grass and artificial turf.

At least 6 matches of 25 minutes.

Many ancillary activities Survival course, speed shooting, etc.

Accommodation 3 days / 2 nights from  €115,- p.p. Half Board included

School/ Hostel /Hotel

Arrival 7th June 2019

Depature 9th June 2019

Ask us for the prices of your accommodation

Registration fee € 140, -


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